Guild Dreadnaught Neck Reset

After years or decades under string tension, guitar necks pull forward. Electrics with bolt-on necks are easily shimmed back, but glued necks are more involved.

This is a 1970s Guild dreadnaught that needed a neck reset. The saddle was already as low as it could be and the strings were still too high. It was difficult to play and it had less volume than it should because a shorter saddle exerts less downward pressure and less torque on the bridge than a taller saddle, which makes for less top movement overall. The neck needs to be removed and reset at a steeper angle to the body so we can raise the saddle back to its proper height.

The neck is dovetailed and glued into the body. In this Guild's case, the glue is extra-strong hide glue (Guilds from the later 70s actually have a reputation for the strength of their glue!). It needs to be dissolved and loosened with steam, then pressed out with a special-made jig.

Once apart, the joint has to be cleaned up, reshaped and sometimes shimmed so the neck will lay back at its original factory angle.

Regluing is the easiest part - one clamp is all it takes to set the neck. A properly fit dovetail joint aligns itself and holds itself together while the glue dries. (The 2 blue clamps pictured are gluing the fingerboard extension to the top).

Neck Reset
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