Fender Jazz Bass, New nut and setup

It's not uncommon for a plastic or bone nut to chip or break. In the case of this Fender Jazz bass it broke along the G string slot. The factory nut was plastic and I replaced it with a new bone one.

First I fit the new bone blank to the nut slot. Then I trim it to length, arch it to match the fingerboard, and cut the new string slots. Finally I sand it smooth and buff it to a shine.

Often times a setup is required along with a new nut or saddle, just the way you often need an alignment after replacing the tires on your car. A setup includes adjusting the neck bow with the truss rod, adjusting the string heights at the nut, and adjusting the string heights and intonation at the bridge. Your instrument is a finely tuned machine in more ways than one, and all these factors need to be checked regularly, especially after traveling or when the seasons change, to keep it playing and sounding the best it can.

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