Fender Jazz Bass Neck Replacement

A customer wanted to replace a fretless neck with a new fretted one on his Fender Jazz bass.

In this case the new neck fit the existing neck pocket (they don't always) so it was just a matter of aligning it, drilling it, and setting it with the right neck-to-body angle.

Since it's essentially a new instrument at this point, it needs a setup. Adjust the neck while under string tension, cut a new nut (very rarely can you just move a nut from one neck to another and have it work out), and adjust the saddles.

The new neck had the truss rod nut at the body end, as many Fenders do, so while I was at it I made a pocket in the body for future neck adjustments. Believe it or not, without this pocket I made to allow a screw driver in there, the only way to adjust the neck is by taking it off. Which means it's not under string tension. Which means it's a total crap shoot and sometimes you have to unstring, remove, adjust, replace, and restring the neck multiple times before it's perfect! With this truss rod nut pocket modification, all I have to do to adjust the neck under string tension is remove the pickguard.

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