Gibson L-4 Restoration

This was a really fun restoration. This Gibson L-4 was from the 1910s - between 1914 and 1918. It was given to my customer, in disrepair, in the 1960s and hadn't been strung up since then. So a 50 year dust off was in order.

I reglued binding that had come loose from both the body and the fingerboard, and reglued the back to the sides at the end block. I also cleaned and polished the body and neck, cleaned the fingerboard and buffed the frets.

There was a crack in the upper bout on both sides of the neck and some severe damage to the neck body joint that had been expertly repaired, presumably in the 50s or 60s. It looked like it had taken quite a blow and could easily have been left for dead then and there. I appreciated the good work by my predecessor, and that I was now part of this instrument's story.

I adjusted the wood bridge and strung it with Bronze and Silk light gauge acoustic strings and it sounds great! Warm, smooth, great lows and low mids.

Neck Reset
Restoration Bridge Reglue
Preamp Install
Replace Neck
Resurrection Nut, Setup