Ukulele Resurrection

This is what happened to an old Hawaiian Ukulele during the 1989 Loma Prieta (World Series) earthquake in Santa Cruz, CA. It was pulverized by the stone fireplace that it had been quietly sitting on for years.

The sad owner had rummaged diligently through the rubble and collected every piece she could find. It had been her mother's and was probably from the 1920s or 30s. Not knowing exactly what else to do, and presumably preoccupied with more pressing post-earthquake issues, she filled a paper bag with the broken uke bits and put them away safely.

Nearly 20 years later she still had not had it fixed and her daughter came to me with the bag of pieces, some optimism, and very little in the way of expectations. "It would just be so great if she could see it as a ukulele again, instead of a bag of wood chips, even if it can never be played again."

Well, I was the guy with the glue, but all credit really goes to the owner. When all was said and done it went back together beautifully and there was less than a square inch of missing wood. She must have spent hours digging around the remains of her fireplace to find nearly every last splinter.

And as a bonus, it plays as sweet as ever.

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Restoration Bridge Reglue
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