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Sabertooth™ Electric Guitar

When I flick a switch on a guitar I want something noticeable to happen. I want a different tone, a new color to play with. The Sabertooth has 4 very different single coil pickups, each hand wound for a completely different tone, from a vintage Stratocaster neck sound to a fatter single coil sound to a hot Telecaster bridge to an even hotter P-90 bridge. They're wired so you can mix and match and get even more tones - a PAF humbucker, a super-hot powerbucker, 2 singles in parallel, etc. - a total of 15 different tones. And trust me the switching is not confusing.

The Sabertooth pictured left has a flame maple top on an alder body, birdseye maple neck with a bound 22 fret rosewood fingerboard. Hipshot hardware, nitrocellulose finish, WedgeFit™ neck joint and a compound radius fingerboard.