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The Grey Wolf acoustic guitar is a medium sized flat top steel string. It's size and shape are similar to a classical guitar, and tonally it falls somewhere between a Dreadnought and an OM or Concert; it has the volume and some of the boom of the larger Dreadnought and the balance and articulation of the smaller OM/Concert. It's braced with a standard X-brace design and is available with a regular or slotted headstock.

The Gray Wolf is for fingerpickers and strummers alike. It's well balanced with good string to string articulation and a clean, pure tone. Stranded on a desert island with only one guitar, this is the guitar you would want.




The Bear Cub is an arch top mini travel guitar with a 17 inch scale length. It was designed to be small, playable, and sound great.

When I designed the Bear Cub I decided to use a technology that is tried and true with smaller instruments; arched plates. I hand carve the spruce top and maple back just as I would a mandolin or a violin. This, combined with the oval sound hole, gives the guitar warmth, clarity and projection from a very small body. A travel guitar doesn't have to sound like a tin can or look like a hockey stick, and the Bear Cub proves it.




The Red Fox is a small-bodied, 14-fret steel string guitar. It is lightly built and sweetly voiced for folk, finger-style, blues, jazz, solo play and small ensembles. It's small, but not quite a parlor. In fact, in a room full or parlor guitars, the Red Fox is a jumbo. Next to an OM or Concert model, it would be a dear little sister. Cedar tops are standard, also available in Spruce

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