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Acoustic Guitars

mini archtop guitar

This mini archtop guitar has been finding its way into many guitarists' hearts since I designed it in 2016. It's a guitar, not a totally new instrument, but it's unique enough that it feels like a completely new thing.

With a carved Sitka Spruce top and a 17 inch scale length tuned B-B, it's small, playable, fun, and sounds world-class with a unique voice. Playing it is the same as playing your full sized guitar with a capo at the 7th fret.

I hand carve the spruce top just as I would with a mandolin or a violin. This, combined with the oval sound hole, gives the guitar warmth, clarity and projection from a very small body.

I offer many options and appointments. Please contact me for more information.

Many people ask is this a travel guitar? To me the term "travel guitar" is synonymous with "compromise", and there are no compromises here. So no it's not a travel guitar per se, but it is absolutely the best travel instrument a guitarist could have - I never leave home without mine! The BearCub mini archtop™ is at home on stage, in the studio, by the campfire, and anywhere else you go.

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