Instrument Repair


I offer guitar and stringed instrument repair and customization for the greater Bellingham, Wa. area, and I am happy to look at anything with strings. Services include basic setups, fret work, structural repair, neck resets, electronics, restorations, customizations and more.


Bright Guitars is an authorized repair and warranty center for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), covering Fender, Squier, Jackson, Charvel, Gretsch, and Tacoma guitar brands**. Please contact me with questions or for more information.


I love repairing instruments as much as I love building them from scratch. I get to handle a new instrument, hear a new story and solve a new problem. Pretty nice way to spend a day.

Please call or email me and drop by my shop in the Geneva neighborhood, 1206 Lakeview St., Bellingham, WA. 98229. (360) 304-8576

**Fender®, and all other associated brands, logos and designs are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and used herein with express written permission. All rights reserved.

Instrument Service, Restoration and Repair

Neck Reset

Is your neck angle in need of some chiropractics? Time for a neck reset!


Give new life to a guitar that might be older than you are!

Bridge Reglue

Re-establish the perfect spacing with your strings even if you think that bridge is burned.


Customize the electronics to meet your requirements.

Preamp Install

Looking to add some built-in EQ and to stop lugging extra gear? 

Replace Neck

Playing fretless and missing the tight response? Tired of missing the warm in your strings? Try switching your neck, but not your favorite guitar body


For the right price, I'll perform necromancy on the remaining shreds of your most prized stringed instrument.

Nut and Setup

Plastic nuts crack, and replacing them typically requires a new setup, just the same as needing an alignment after replacing the tires on your car.

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