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Electric Guitars


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I've designed and built many electric guitars over the last 30 years, and I've repaired, modified and played countless more. The Sabertooth™ electric guitar is the culmination of all that experience.

I designed it to be lightweight and perfectly ergonomic, and I outfit them with hand-wound pickups, voiced for clarity, power and dynamics (imagine if your favorite guitar took singing lessons).

I like to say the Sasbertooth picks up where the Strat leaves off. It's a 25.5" scale electric guitar that feels smaller and lighter than it looks and punches way above its weight tonally.

Some features include:

  • WedgeFit™ bolt-on neck joint

  • Compound radius fingerboard

  • Custom carved neck

  • Weight-relieved body

  • Handwound pickups and custom electronics

  • Superb ergonimics

  • Custom wood packages

  • Graphtech and Hipshot hardware

There are many options for body woods, hardware, electronics, finish, etc. so please ask.

Starting price $3,200

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