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I bought one of Will Bright's handmade Pelican basses back in August. The quality in all aspects (sound, feel, aesthetics, etc.) is superb. Communication was also great throughout the process. Highly recommended if you want a great custom/handmade instrument. - T.H.


Will built my dream guitar which is a custom Stratocaster. The quality, feel and sound of this guitar are second to none. I will have it forever. When I took it to Guitar Center to get a proper fitting case for it, they kept calling employees over to look at it and said it was the most beautiful Stratocaster they had ever seen. And they've seen a lot! Thanks Will!



Over the past year Will has worked on 3 of my guitars and 1 bass. He did everything from basic tune ups, bridge work, pickup replacement, and installing a Floyd Rose. 
All of my instruments have benefited from his eye for detail and exemplary work. Also, his pricing is very fair.
Quite possibly the best tech I have had in 25 years of playing. 



Will has set up many of my basses and all of them now play as well as they ever have. Not only that, but Will is a great guy who takes the time to understand what you want and how you want your axe to play. I would highly recommend Will if you have any luthier needs!



I've used Will a half dozen times for various projects and repairs. Will is a conscientious and gifted luthier. I doubt there is a wiring scheme for pickups he can't rig in his sleep. I've trusted him with reissue Les Pauls, Teles, US-made PRSes, Epis, and more. He did a marvelous job fixing a crack in an archtop for me.
Even something as "simple" as a setup takes on new character with Will-- not saying there aren't quality techs at the big shops, but I'd rather trust a true craftsman than rely on random luck. Plus, he has two very sweet dogs!


I'm impressed. Some mods are well beyond the guitar shop setup tech and require a luthier's sense of craftsmanship. The bottom of the bridge on my Ferden/Warmoth Precision 5 encroached onto the curved part of the body leaving a gap. Will did a very clean job of routing a pocket to lower the bridge and attain full contact. He even finished the now bare wood under the bridge to match. The bass came back well set up and sounding better than ever. The price was quite reasonable. The guy knows his stuff.



Will Bright is a kind, patient, and extremely skilled luthier. When my old Guild T-100 needed some love, he fixed her right up quickly and inexpensively. His work was flawless: the fret job was smooth and very comfortable. 
I can't thank him enough. Don't hesitate: you can trust this man. Someday, I'll have him build me a guitar from scratch, but I'm scared to, because it'll probably replace everything else I have.



Fantastic guitars! Very innovative in design and construction. Beautiful to look at and inspiring to play!! Come and check them out!



Got a 69 Custom Les Paul refret. It plays better than it has in decades.



Will did the impossible for me. Try him. You will become a believer as well!


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